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Intelligent Automation Tool
Automate your ad campaigns
Set campaign optimization on autopilot for optimal performance
  • Optimise existing campaigns
  • Enable auto optimisation in one click
  • Share insights easily with reports
Set optimal bids
Update keyword bids based on thousands of data points. Maximising your ad budgets returns.
Insights through reporting
More effective Ad spend through product and campaing level performance reporting.
Discover new keywords
Automatically discover and move well performing keywords from automatic to manual campaigns. Isolating bids for the most precise budget allocation.
Make your ad budget effective
Bid optimisation
Calculate and update the optimal bid daily to maximise your returns.
Unlimited History
Inspect all available performance data without Amazons reporting limits.
Keyword Discovery
Discover new keywords first and profit from low competition.
Scheduled Reports
Keep stakeholders in the loop with scheduled email reports.
Updated Negatives
Identify bad performing keywords, auto add them to negatives.
Product Level Insight
Know how individual products perform to allocate budgets smarter.
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